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Swivel Bebek Bebek Aile 3/4
• Product Code : Swivel Bebek Bebek Aile 3/4
• Category : Swivel Bebek dan Lurus
• Manufacture :
• Usability in Location :
• Type of Fuel :
• Weight/pcs : 210.00 gr
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  • The Aile Hose Swivel is designed for applications where easy nozzle and hose handing is important for customer's convenience. It is Installed between the nozzle and the hose to reduce strain, provides flexibility and reduces premature hose wear.
  • Materials:
    Body: High Aluminium Zinc Alloy
    Inner O-ring: Viton
    Outer O-ring: Viton
    Size: 3/4"
  • Features&Benefits
  1. Customers' Convenience-provides customers with the flexibility to fuel their vehicles from virtually any direction.
  2. Multi-plane-provides a full 360 sperical rotation for free movement of nozzle.
  3. High flow rate-is due to laminar flow design.
  4. Dual seal-double O-ring seals at each swivel provide long life and low. temperature (-40 degree) performance.
  5. Compatible with fuel containing alcohol.
  6. High strength step shoulder bearing diameters and impact absorbing stops.
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