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Emergency Valve 1.5 Inch
• Product Code : Emergency Valve 1.5 Inch
• Manufacture :
• Usability in Location :
• Type of Fuel :
• Weight/pcs : 3000.00 gr
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Aile's Emergency Valve 1.5 Inch

  • Materials:
    Body: Cast iron
    Seal: Buna-n O-ring
    Carrier: Zine-Plate steel
    Medium: Water, gasoline, diesel, and keresone
    Operating Environment: -30°C -+55°C
  • Features and Benefits:
  1. Fire Protection- a fusible link trips the valve closed at 75°C to shhut off fuel supply to the dispense
  2. Integral Test Port- a 3/8" Test Port allows the piping system to be air tested without breaking any piping connection.
  3. Low-Profile Tops- Female and Union-top double-poppet valveshave a low-profile top to allow upgrading from AILE single-poppet valves without changing existing piping.
  4. Multiple Mounting Option- Valves are boss-mounted to stabilizer bars in sumps and pans or mounted to bars embedded in the island with U-Bolt kits. Versatile Combination Body (boss mount/ U-Bolt mount) models are available to accommodate most mounting applications with one valve style.



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