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Nozzle ZVA Abu-abu
• Product Code : Nozzle ZVA Abu-abu
• Category : Nozzle ZVA
• Manufacture :
• Usability in Location :
• Type of Fuel :
• Weight/pcs : 0.00 gr
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Standard Specification :

-Venturi type automatic shut off with safety cut out attitude valve. Built-in check valve. 2-speed lever latch (removeable). Body and hose inlet of aluminium. Spout of aluminium tip of stainless steel. Easy rotating swivel, swivel nut of stainless steel. 
-lip seal, O-rings + diaphragm of polyurethane and NBR. Guard of composite plastic. Inner part of brass, stainless steel, acetal resin and Peek. Scuffguard and comfigrip of PVC. Product Sleeve EK 043 of polyurethane
-Weight : 1.5 kg


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