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Nozzle OPN Hijau
• Product Code : Nozzle OPN Hijau
• Category : Nozzle OPN
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-Body: Aluminium
Duratuff lever and lever guard
-Main stem: Stainless steel

-Net Weight: 1.225kg/pc
-Gross weight: 1.5kg/pc


Feature & Benefit

-OPN ……. Automatic Nozzles 

-Accurate flow control - allows your customers to top off their thank to the exact amount they want, and it's easy to stop gasoline flow precisely

-Easily replaced spout - simply remove the spout retaining screw.

-Low profile aluminium body- light weight, easier to handle, provides an attractive, image enhancing appearance

-Hold-open rack is available for full service applications- The one hand control means easy setting to flow rate for customer's convenience

-Exclusive Pressure Detecting Module- the main valve can keep closed, even when held without enough pressure in hose

-Full hand insulator- protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates users' hands.


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