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Nozzle Tatsuno Kuning
• Product Code : Nozzle Tatsuno Kuning
• Category : Nozzle Tatsuno
• Manufacture : TATSUNO
• Usability in Location :
• Type of Fuel :
• Weight/pcs : 0.00 gr
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Tatsuno Nozzle : Highest Realibility, Excellent Durabillity and Easy Maintenance



-Body       : Aluminium
3/4"x13/16B,NPT Blue


Feature and Benefit

A: Full lineup of nozzles 

High-reach lever type nozzles have been added to the selection of conventional trigger type nozzles. Conventional lever type nozzles are also available, and the selection of nozzle types has been expanded.

B: Clean nozzles 

Nozzles employ resin grips that include antibacterial agents. Nozzle scarves are made from reinforced plastic, making them more resistant to soiling.


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