Wafer Repack - Single-Stage Coalescers

Facet wafer repacks, used with Facet HP Series single-stage coalescer housings, are excellent coalescers or strainers for fuel applications when gross solids (in excess of 0.5 ppm) and heavy water contamination conditions exist.

Heavy solids or certain types of solids tend to either blind off the surface of the repack media and/or compress only the first and second wafers to
the point that they will no longer function as a coalescer. With Facet wafer repacks, only the first two wafers need to be replaced when  required while the third and successive downstream wafers require fewer change outs since they generally remain relatively free of solids.

In constructing wafer repacks Facet controls the media density by machine packing the excelsior between metal wheel type grids and hardware cloth, then securely tying each end with heavy metal wire to prevent deformation during operation. To assure a tight fit inside the housing and prevent bypass, the outside diameter of each repack is strategically sized to the inside diameter of the housing wall.

Facet HP Series single-stage coalescers installed with Facet excelsior wafer repacks will provide excellent protection to fueling systems when
both gross solids and heavy water contamination conditions are present.

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