ACQME 90 Male


In addition to standard QuickClamp flex connectors, Hose Master offers accessory components to easily interchange and install flex connectors with a variety of end connection options.

QuickClamp accessory items feature a stainless steel construction ensuring compatibility with the widest range of fuels including gasoline, gasoline-ethanol blends, ethanol, diesel, and biofuels.

A mainstay of Hose Master's continued success is a focus on intelligent, customer-driven solutions. Recognizing off-the-shelf products are not always a practical solution for unique service station specifications, Hose Master's UL-listing allows for any combination of approved end connections and flexible hose lengths, up to 12 feet long, to best suit your application.

For assistance in configuring your site-specific flex connector assembly options, contact our Inside Sales Department for technical support.

90° Male
Available Sizes:
1-1/2 & 2"

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