Sunny GII Model 1222

Basic type dispensing pump with excellent cost performance.





Dimensions (mm)

Width: 800 x Height: 1750 x Depth: 400

Discharge rate

Standard : 40L/min    High speed : 70L/min


  • Significantly improves operation efficiency The large LCD counter with superb night visibility and the easily removable wide-mouthed nozzles significantly improve operating efficiency.
  • Can be equipped with a variety of options A range of functions are available, including a preset function (function that enables accurate automatic fueling up to the preset volume/price selected by the customer).
  • Double swivel nozzle Highly adjustable, easy-to-handle single swivel nozzle is standard equipment.
  • Compatible with long hoses In addition to the standard 15ft hose, it is compatible with a 17ft long hose (optional).
  • Suction/remote types are available for all models
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