Sunny-XE (Multi/Double/Single)

Example of models






Weight (kg)

Approx. 490

Approx. 440

Approx. 420

Approx. 410

Dimensions (mm)

Width: 1280/ Height: 1950/ Depth: 530

Discharge rate

Standard 40L/min
(Simultaneous fuellimg : 35L/min)


We pride the versatility of our lineup, offering up to four type dispensers and their pumps with a variety of nozzle positions and housing widths while catering for the four major oil products.

Features of the Sunny-XE without comparison

•        Even better quality, even more durable

•        Lower Maintenance Costs

•        Energy Saving

•        Dedicated Tatsuno Hanging Parts Array

•        Equipped with reliable high-precision Tatsuno meter

Tatsuno Dispenser always moving to the next step


You can surely find the most suitable pumps for your operation among Sunny- XE series models

•        Large Easy-to-see LCD Display with LED Backlight.

•        New LCD Panel much enhanced in durability.

•        Power saving feature turns off the backlight and becomes idle when not in use.

•        The larger 40mm character text font has exellent visibility, Moreover, the 7-digit readout can cope with any currency.

•        Because of the multi-display function, totalizer functionality and maintenance information can be displayed as well as counter functions.

•        Counter area can be upgraded to expand functions.

•        Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) and printer can be

•        accommodated in this counter area.

•        Preset function enables accurate measurement of fueling up to the amount and volume set in advance.

•        10 keys are available for preset operations. By setting these keys, fueling operation will be more effective.

•        By using the keypad buttons, just-stop fueling becomes possible without the need for constant troublesome adjustments in operating the nozzle.

•        Electromagnetic totalizer employs a fraud prevention system.

•        Easy accessibility to the control board and internal electronic components has made daily inspection and maintenance simple.

Nozzle Hanger

•        Ergonomically designed for safer operation, easier handling and longer life

Functions & Devices

Highly precise, Highly durable, Highly informative

•        The fuel retailing service stations are the most important communication sites where drivers and operators directly meet.

•        Tatsuno Sunny-XE Series provides accurate fuelling, long life, operational functions for easy handling and a variety of transaction information to catch and fascinate operators’ and drivers’ minds.

Enhanced Counter

•        The 7-digit readout can cope with any currency in the world.

•        Larger figures make visibility better than ever


Eco-power feature

•        Power is turned off to save energy when not in use.

Large nozzle hanger reduces loads when handling the nozzle

•        Smooth handling of hose and nozzle with excellent design and longer durability.

Imroved security for fraud transaction - Optional

•        Always monitors all fuelling transactions.

•        The counter displays the fraudulent contents when detected.

Everyone in the world prefers TATSUNO

•        Tatsuno major components such as the pumping unit and meter employed in dispensers have enjoyed high reputation for its technology and performance record worldwide.

•        You can use our reliable pumps and dispensers at ease.

Sunny-XE can be adopted to the various sites through the application of multiple models, and laid out in compliance to your varying needs. You can select and combine the most suitable models for your sites among our lineup of Sunny-EX Series.

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