FOOD 500
COMPOTEC® FOOD 500 is a multi-layer thermoplastic hose designed around several Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW PLT) liners, supported by 316 L Stainless Steel inner and outer wires, with a weather-proof and abrasion resistant outer cover made of Polyvinyl coated Polyester fabric. Outer cover is also available in ELASTAR, a special PU coated fabric with extra UV, Ozone, Sunlight and weathering resistance, offering superior temperature and abrasion characteristics.
Extremely flexible, easy to handle and bend, FOOD 500 hose complies with International regulations, for all the application in direct contact with food. During all the phases of production, the hose is controlled in an high purity process of manufacture. No oils or lubrificants are used during the process to avoid any possible contamination. 
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