The Maxxum Big Flow 6

Red Jacket delivers the highest flow rate of any 6”high capacity pump in the industry

The Red Jacket Maxxum Submersible Turbine Pump is a 6” high flow submersible fuel pump that provides the highest flow rates for its size. With a 3 or 5 HP motor, it’s specifically engineered for high throughput applications such as truck stops, where high demand, multiple fuel points, and long piping runs reduce fuel flow to the nozzle. It boasts the industry’s leading serviceability and safety features.


  • Flow performance exceeds all other 6” STPs
  • Designed to meet Environmental Compliance requirements. Compatible with Veeder-Root PLLD, vapor recovery pump driving port and transducer post for electronic leak detection
  • Service ease. Easy and safe electrical yoke disconnect, termination of pump wiring in conduit box
  • Service speed. Quick removal of extractable pump head and quick accessibility of check valve


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