Fuel Management System

Take Complete Control of Your Entire Operation

What if you could tie complete control of your entire operation, including fuel management, energy management, security and theft prevention as well as convenience store operations into a single controller? With the powerful line of T5 Series fuel management systems, Franklin Fueling Systems is making that "what if" a reality.


Going Beyond Fuel Management

  • You already know that our complete line of T5 Series tank gauges set the industry standard for making fuel management simple and easy for any user.

Video Surveillance

  • Several markets require constant video surveillance of fueling positions and if a video camera goes down, you need to make sure that the fueling point it's covering is deactivated.

Lighting Control

  • Why pay to fully light up your forecourt at night when no one is using it? For 24/7 fueling points, you can pair a motion sensor device with a T5 Series tank gauge to automatically turn lights on when a customer pulls in.

Emergency Stop

  • When you pair an emergency stop button with a T5 Series tank gauge you can program your system to automatically shut down submersible pumps when the stop button is pushed

Lighting Management

  • With each sunrise and sunset you want to activate your station's lighting systems accordingly.

Property Security

  • Protecting your station from theft is extremely important to station owners.

Refrigeration Monitoring

  • The costs of keeping your convenience store products cold are enough as it is.

Automating Devices

  • By pairing common convenience store equipment with a T5 Series tank gauge, you can automate actions such as turning on store signage,controlling interior lighting, or controlling food preparation or warming equipment.
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