1 Tank and Line Testing

When it comes to tank and line testing, you need the best technology available, meeting the highest environmental standards.

Leighton O’Brien offers a comprehensive range of quality underground tank and line testing for service stations, petrol stations, C-stores and commercial fuel users.

Trusted and respected, our range of leak detection technologies meet the EPA’s rigorous certification protocols.

We are proud of the reliability of our tests, which can detect leaks with a precision unmatched by others. There is no leak scenario that our test method cannot detect.

Our tank tests can test at any product level, including empty tanks and we can also test any product including water.

At Leighton O’Brien, we understand that you need to ensure minimum downtime on your forecourt, which is why we offer the fastest testing available: 3 minute tests for dry lines and 17.5 minutes for wet lines.

Pre & post bury testing

Verifying installer quality is the number one priority to ensure your new fuel system is leak free. Using a third party tester with the most sensitive equipment is your guarantee.

Leighton O’Brien’s Pascal Perfect is the most convenient and sensitive precision test for new tanks and lines.

We’ve conducted thousands of new UST system tests for major oil companies globally and of those we’ve tested and passed, none have ever reported a leak.

We use industry-leading technology that is accurate to 1/7000 PSI, ensuring your tank system will be leak free.

  • Fastandaccuratetesting usingadvancedleakdetectiontechnology.
  • Allresults100%centrallyanalysed  andtestresultsdeterminedbyqualifiedengineers.
  • Rigoroussafetystandards.
  • Mostdetailedandthorough reportscreated.
  • Fullinsurancecoverage
Key features & benefits for Pre & post bury testing
  • The fastest NWGLDE listed line test system
  • Extremely accurate testing that will minimize disruption to your construction schedules and keep your site openings on time

How it works : - Tank and Line Testing

The tank test is made up of two parts: a wet test and a dry test.

  1. The wet test involves bubbling nitrogen at the tank floor and monitoring the bubble release signature to detect minute changes in mass.
  2. The dry part of the tank system is tested by monitoring the level of nitrogen in the ullage space.

If nitrogen levels are stable it means the ullage part of the tank is tight.

Our line test is certified for rigid, flexible and steel lines with capacities of up to 481 gallons and tested up to 90 pounds per square inch of pressure.

The test provides a digitally-measured volumetric leak rate determined by any change of height in the liquid cylinder of the test rig.

Qualified technicians conduct tank and line tests, sending the data to be analysed by our team of qualified engineers. The data is reviewed and a diagnostic report is produced and sent to you electronically, with a hard copy if required.

                          - Post Bury Testing

Our qualified technicians assess all connections, fittings and lines for leaks using the Leighton O’Brien Pascal Perfect Sensor, which is so responsive even the most minute pressure changes are detected.

The aim is to ensure a tight underground storage system before burial. We test after all the construction work on the tank field, including running electrical conduit, is completed.

Our tests are conducted in two stages: pre-bury and post-bury certification testing.

During pre-bury testing; our highly qualified analysts and experienced PEI technicians assess all connections, fittings and lines for leaks using a highly responsive sensor which detects even the most minute pressure losses.

Burial and concreting will only occur if Leighton O’Brien Pascal Perfect tests confirm that all connections, fittings, lines and tanks are literally PERFECT.

Post bury testing ensures the UST system has not been disrupted during back fill and concreting, and guarantees your compliance with standard regulatory requirements.

The pre and post-bury process usually takes less than a day each, saving you time and headaches knowing your tank is leak-free. And that’s guaranteed.

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