Fiberglass Entry

UPP™ brand electrofusion fiberglass entry boots allow you to seamlessly connect UPP™ brand double wall semi-rigid pipework systems to fiberglass containment sumps.

  • Available in 2”, 3”, and 4" models for use with UPP™ brand secondary contained pipework systems.
  • Suitable for use on both single and double wall containment sumps as well as flat or curved sump surfaces.
  • Allows for electrofusion welding of secondary contained pipework directly to boot.
  • Eliminates exposed metal on the outside of the sump wall.


  • The boot features a continuous polyethylene sleeve which bonds directly to the secondary pipe layer both inside and outside of the containment sump.
  • This sleeve is over-molded onto a bronze center section with multiple dove tail grooves tying the two materials together to create a robust watertight joint.
  • The boot’s bronze flanges are bonded and covered with fiberglass creating a solid bond between the boot and the sump walls.
  • The boot is fully vacuum and pressure testable to ensure a watertight containment sump.

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2” electrofusion fiberglass entry boot for use with 2” pipework


3” electrofusion fiberglass entry boot for use with 3” pipework


4” electrofusion fiberglass entry boot for use with 4” pipework



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