Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Aluwell Corrugated plastic sheet is a kind of eco-friendly material capable of taking the place of the corrugated paperboard, board, metal plate, etc. Compared with the product from others, Aluwell corrugated panel has been upgraded in its thickness and weight, for high strength and light weight.

The corrugated plastic sheet is ideal for logistic box, display board, and advertisement board. It can also be applied in household as temporary partition wall, wall panel, ceiling, cover plate for container, and so on.

1. The corrugated plastic sheet has strong strength and light weight.
2. Even for large-scale application, this product can offer optimal flatness.
3. Our eco-friendly aluminum sheet has outstanding weather resistance and temperature resistance.
4. Installed between two posts, the corrugated aluminum composite panel can withstand wind up to 120mph.
5. Short delivery time, easy installation and maintenance.
6. The corrugated plastic sheet is applicable for paint, digital ink (both UV curable and solvent based ink), and screen print ink.

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