Polyester Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluwell polyester aluminium composite panel refers to ACP coated with polyester coatings. As a leading China based aluminium composite panel manufacturer, Huahong is allowed to manufacture ACP with double side polyester coated, and ACP with one side coated with polyester and the other with service coating or mill finish.

- Signboard usage and advertisement boards
- Building interior wall decoration
- Decoration and renovation the wall of old buildings
- Decoration of shop door, interior wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen and balcony
- Aluwell polyester aluminium composite panel is also ideal for using as wallboard and ceiling for tunnels

1. Outstanding color and gloss retention
2. Superior impact and peel strength
3. Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
4. Lightweight, excellent printable surface
5. Various colors and easy to maintain

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