NTS-PU (direct pull) Series Safety Breakaway Coupling

Protects your equipment, piping and personnel in the event of an unintended pull-away. A consideration whenever you are making a tight connection to a truck or railcar.

SAFER. Protects loading rack facilities, hoses and personnel by preventing damage and spills during a pull-away incident.

CLEANER. High value fluid and gas transfer is protected by two spring energized valves for maximum protection with a minimum of fluid loss.

FASTER. Immediate separation occurs at individually determined straight or angular pulling force. This non-destructive separation allows easy reassembly, with no shear pins, tools or spare parts.




FNPT or Flange (150/300#)


1", 2", 3", 4", 6" (Sizes up to 12" Available Upon Request)

Max. Pressure

360 PSI (Alu 232 PSI)


316 Stainless Steel (Anodized Aluminum in 4" size only)


Fluorocarbon, EPDM, Chemraz®

*Other materials available upon request.

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