Pneumatic Loading Arm Packages

OPW can custom design your loading arm to incorporate a variety of pneumatic counterbalancing options. In most cases a pneumatic cylinder would be used to provide vertical lift of your loading arm, but arms can be designed to provide complete remote control. Pneumatics can help improve the overall safety of your loading operations by minimizing any strenuous pushing, pulling or lifting.

  • Ideal for heavy-load applications
  • Eliminate strenuous pushing, pulling or lifting
  • Can be designed to provide movement in single or multiple planes
  • Plug & Play Control Packages come standard
  • Push-Button Pendant Controller


Aluminum Pendant Controller - Ideal for more rugged installations.

Protective Cylinder Rod Bellows - Helps protect cylinder rod from dust, dirt, moisture and most other environmental contaminants. Features a specially formulated polyurethane material that has a high resistance to most petroleum products, chemicals and also has excellent resistance to ozone, and ultra-violet light.

Stainless Steel Pneumatic Tubing - Provided in lieu of standard plastic tubing, this option provides a much more robust tubing material between the system control box and pendant controller. Ideal in extremely aggressive environments where plastic tubing may create a maintenance issue.

Pneumatic Rod Lock - In the event of a catastrophic system failure, the rod lock would lock the cylinder preventing the arm from falling.

Position Indicator (Reed Switch) - Confirms that the loading arm is in the correct position. Provides permissive input directly to PLC. Easily positioned. 

Stainless Steel Cylinder & Mounts - Ideal for extremely corrosive environments.

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