AutolokŪ Couplers & Dust Caps

OPW Autolok® quick disconnects are self-locking couplers that provide an added level of safety andconvenience at the fluid connection. Autolok’s® patented locking mechanism, built into the coupling arm, means you simply snap the locking arms shut with one smooth motion and the coupler stays secure and shut until you unlock it. No clips, pins or buttons. Autolok® uses the patented Twin-Kam™ feature to hold the adaptor more securely to the coupler to provide added protection against accidental release.


  • Autolok® Patented Arms – Close just like a regular quick coupler but then lock themselves automatically.
  • Spring-Ring™ Finger Rings – Patented design keeps rings from getting trapped under the arms, making secure closing a snap. An easy tug on the rings release and open the coupling.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – Available in 316 Stainless Steel
  • Guaranteed For Life (GFL™) Arms – if our exclusive Twin-Kam™ arms ever break, they are replaced FREE.


  • Extra Protection – Self-locking arms, featuring exclusive Twin-Kam™ design provides extra protection against accidental release or uncoupling.
  • Easy Operation – Arms lock automatically with a positive click. Release requires only an easy tug on the patented lock release mechanism. No clips to insert or remove. No spring-loaded button to push.
  • Durable and Efficient – Designed to ensure optimum flow rates. The heavy-duty, 316
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction – adds extra durability in harsh environments

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