VISI-FLOŽ 1400 Series Sight Flow Indicators

Designed for applications with maximum operating pressure of 200 psig (13.8 bar) and/or temperature of 225ºF (107ºC).

  • Exclusive 3-Year “No-Leak” Guarantee: An innovative radial seal creates a constant and uninterrupted sealing force between the body and outside diameter of the glass lens for a longer-lasting and better seal than conventional flat seals
  • Maintenance-Free Design: Bolt-on-body design requires no special maintenance or torqueing sequence in order to prevent leaks, resulting in safer operation than units using tie rods to fasten the lens and seal to the body
  • Dimensional Interchangeability: Feature end-to-end dimensions that match Jacoby-Tarbox and Penberthy and other manufacturers' units. Available in 3/4", 2", 3" and 4" sizes
  • High Vacuum-Service Rating: Rated for vacuum service up to 635 mm (25”) at 85.5% vacuum, which equates to 12.3-psi (0.84 bar) vacuum
  • Four Indicator Styles: Drip Tube, Propeller, Bi-Directional Flapper, Bi-Directional Plane
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Four Indicator Styles

Drip Tube – Ideal for gravity, extremely low or intermittent flow. Keeps product from dripping on the glass. Assures constant see-through for vertical lines. Propeller – The best way to show flow of opaque liquids. Ideal for observation at a distance. Flow from right to left is standard. Specify if left to right flow is needed. Not recommended for flow rates above 100 GPM.
Bi-Directional Flapper – This indicator points in either direction to show you at a glance which way the liquid is flowing. Bi-Directional Plain – When the color and clarity of your liquid are of prime importance.


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One of the key strengths of sight flow indicators is their remarkable versatility. For example, they can be used:

  • In a variety of industries.
  • To monitor and verify fluid flow through filter, cooling, intake/outlet pumping lines, as well as numerous other industrial processes.
  • For troubleshooting or as backups for meters, switches, process indicators and other control devices. 

Following are a series of examples where sight flow indicators can be applied.

Power Plants 

  • New Power Plants: Sight flow indicators monitor the flow of critical fluids, such as lubricants pumped to turbines in hydro-electric generators and water in cooling lines
  • Older Power Plants: New, more reliable sight flow indicators replace aging models (and additional indicators are also deployed) during upgrades. 

Waste Water Treatment 

VISI-FLO® sight flow indicators visually monitor the filtering process. 
The most common point of installation: second stage aeration tank pumping lines. 
The purpose: verify sludge removal to ensure efficient aeration.

Petroleum Industry 

Sight flow indicators visually monitor drilling pump operations. VISI-FLO® is used to show dirty fluids being pumped from a down-hole hydraulic cleaning process. 
Should the indicator stop, this is a signal to the operator that the system is not cleaning properly and needs corrective action.

Chemical Industry

  • Paint and Varnish Processing Plants: VISI-FLO® sight flow indicators are used to notify operators when filters become clogged. Any drops in flow rate or discoloration of blended resins that pass through the press are indications that new filters are needed.
  • Distilling Operations: Sight flow indicators are used to gauge color and clarity of fluids. An amber fluid color indicates proper distillation; a brown-to-black color signals the process has been disrupted and requires corrective action.
  • Refineries: Sight flow indicators are used to monitor the draining of water from the bottom of storage tanks. The visual presence of oil in the indicator is a signal that the water is completely drained.


VISI-FLO® sight flow indicators are used in a variety of manufacturing applications, including, for example, to monitor:

  • The draining of hydraulic oil from nitrogen charged accumulators in die casting machine manufacturing facilities.
  • Proper coolant flow, which is so vital to the operation of welding machines.
  • Efficient filtration of process fluids.

OEM Markets

VISI-FLO® sight flow indicators are used in an array of OEM applications, including, for example:

  • Compressor manufacturers install them on their products so end users can monitor the flow of water to compressor heads while in operation.
  • Degreasing and defluxing equipment manufacturers use them to monitor recirculating solvent in cleaning operations and, thus, determine efficiency of the distillation/recovery process.
  • Evaporators and filtration system manufacturers use them to monitor color and clarity of fluids in outlet lines and to confirm proper intake of fluids on inlet lines.
  • Other potential uses:
  • As a back-up to electronic equipment; seeing is believing.
  • On boiler feed lines
  • With steam traps to know when a clog is developing
  • In a blending operation to see color and clarity 
  • On cooling tower lines 
  • In distillation processes
  • On paper machine condensate lines 
  • On water cooled air compressors 
  • At the bottom of a vessel to see if it is empty
  • On lubricating lines of machine bearings
  • On aircraft refueling trucks
  • In solvent recovery systems
  • On desalination equipment
  • Potentially, anywhere that fluids are used, VISI-FLO® can be used!


Parts Breakdown


Key Description Series 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" 3/4" & 1" 1 1/4", 1 1/2" & 2"
1 Retaining Bolt 1400
2 Washer 1400 & 1500 H40193M H40194M H40194M
3 Nameplate 1400 & 1500 H30756M H30757M H30758M
4 Cap, Plated Steel 1400
5 Gasket* 1400 & 1500 H3870M H3871M H3873M
6 Glass* 1400
7 Seal* See Repair Kits      
8 Retaining Bridge
(2 Required Per Unit)
1400 & 1500 H5996M H6000M H6004M
9 Indicator        
  Propeller-Delrin 1400 H40153M H40152M H40141M
  Propeller-Ryton 1500 H2910M H2911M H2912M
  Propeller-PTFE 1400 & 1500 H40171M H40172M H40173M
  Flapper-Delrin 1400 H40150M H40149M H40148M
  Flapper-Ryton 1500 H2944M H2947M H2948M
  Flapper-PTFE 1400 & 1500 H40196M H40197M H40198M
10 Shaft 1400 & 1500 H5999M H6003M H6011M
11 Seal* See Repair Kits      
12 Spacer, PTFE* 1400 & 1500 H31752M H31753M H31636M
13 Body        
14 Drip Tube 1400 & 1500 H30357RS H30359RP H30354RP
15 Deflector
(Propeller Units Only)
1400 & 1500 H5012M H5018M H5020M



Key Description Series 3" & 4" 6"-12"
1 Retaining Bolt 1400 & 1500 H40192M H40109M
2 Washer 1400 & 1500 H40195M H40194M
3 Nameplate 1400 & 1500 C20190M C20191M
4 Cap, Plated Steel 1400 & 1500 C20136M C30012RS
5 Gasket* 1400 & 1500 H3874M H40108M
6 Glass* 1400
7 Seal* See Repair Kits    
8 Button, PTFE 1400 & 1500 H40157P H40117RP
9 Indicator      
  Propeller-Delrin 1400 H40154M NA
  Propeller-Ryton 1500 H40158P NA
  Propeller-PTFE 1400 & 1500 H40174M NA
  Flapper-Delrin 1400 H40148M NA
  Flapper-Ryton 1500 H2948M NA
  Flapper-PTFE 1400 & 1500 H40198M NA
10 Shaft 1400 & 1500 H40155M H40116RE
11 Lockwasher, SST 1400 & 1500 H5162M  
12 Retaining Screw/Bolt 1400 & 1500 H40155M H40144RP
13 Body      
14 Drip Tube      
15 Indicator Support Arm 1400 & 1500 C30025EW H40114RS



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