600 Series Butterfly Valves

For HVAC/ATC, Chemical/Petrochemical Processing, Food and Beverage Industry, Power and Utilities, Pulp and Paper Industry

  • Sizes 2" - 30" Cartridge Seated Valves


  • Standard Double D Connection in sizes 2" thru 8", all others round and keyed - gives positive attachment for handle or actuator support and less friction 
  • Three standard teflon bushings furnish shaft support at three locations for positive shaft alignment and actuator support as well as less friction 
  • Standard ISO 5211 top plate accommodates all types of actuators; handles, gear operators, electric and pneumatic actuators 
  • Precision taper pins ensure positive, vibration proof, shaft to disc connection - easily field replaceable 
  • One-piece thru shaft ensures dependability and positive disc position, 416SS standard 
  • Smooth finished disc flats "mate" with seat flats to give a highly efficient seal; prevents leakage into the shaft area 
  • Seat face negates need for flange gaskets 
  • Phenolic backed seat is non-collapsible, stretch resistant, blow-out proof, and easily field replaceable 
  • Dead end service set screws located in 2 places on valves up to 6" at 3 and 9 o'clock positions, 4 places in larger vales at 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock positions - positioned on outer perimeter through valve body to phenolic backing 
  • Precision profile disc provides bubble-tight shut off and assures minimum torque and longer seat life 
  • Bonding of elastomer to phenolic backing ring protects against distortion, a common cause of shaft leakage


Sure Seal's Sure Torque™ Series is a proven winner in today's market.

  • Available in ISO 5211 Dimensional Standards, the actuator drive side directly mounts to Sure Seal Butterfly Valves 
  • SureTorque™ pistons are diecast aluminum and the pinion is carbon steel, electroless nickel plated 
  • Both pistons incorporate a large Delrin 500 wear pad which significantly increases the actuator cycle life 
  • All SureTorque™ actuators can be easily field converted from double acting to spring return by inserting the correct number of spring cartridges to the double acting unit, thus eliminating bulky housing extensions, saving weight and space 
  • The SureTorque™ Series ST is available with a variety of accessories


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