Marine - Model ST

PECOFacet manufactures cleanable and reusable separator cartridges of the highest quality in a variety of dimensional configurations. Teflon® coated screen is wrapped around a treated, perforated metal shell, lock seam folded and secured by metal clips, then adhesive bonded to gasketed metal end caps. The distinctive PECOFacet center tube design provides balanced flow of product (radially inward) throughout the cartridge.

All metal components are treated to resist corrosion. The screen is Teflon® coated for more effective water repelling characteristics assuring long, trouble free service. Recommended maximum operating temperature is 240°F (115°C). For compatibility in extreme operating conditions, other gasket, adhesive and metal materials are available.

Standard Design Features

  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Maximum recommended operating temperature: 240°F (115°C)
  • pH range from 5 to 9
  • Designed for balanced flow through cartridge
  • Flow direction: outside to in
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