Oil Water Separator - Model MAS
Concrete Construction

PECOFacet Model MAS Oil Water Separators are designed to treat hydrocarbon water. These separators can be fed by gravity or pumped. MAS separators carry out separation by physical means, do not require consumables and have no mobile parts, therefore no maintenance is needed and its operation is free of failures. They include patented MPak® coalescing plate technology to remove the oil from the water.

Each Model MAS separator can be equipped with adjustable skimmers to withdraw separated hydrocarbons. Optionally, they can also be provided with a storage chamber to accumulate separated hydrocarbons.

Standard Design

  • Class I Separators accordance with EN-858, effluent less than 5 ppm
  • Outlet security device
  • Access covers Class C250 accordance with EN-124
  • MPak® plate packs: frame in steel and plastic hardware media is oleophilic polypropylene
  • Plate packs are clean in place - no need to remove from unit
  • ¾", ¼" or ½" MPak® coalescing plate spacing
  • Computerized effluent predictions for accurate sizing
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