Vaporix | Vapour Recovery

Automatic monitoring for active vapour recovery

The automatic monitoring system VAPORIX provides information on the functional state of the active vapour recovery, thus fulfilling the requirements of the German 21st BlmSchV regulation for serving and protecting people and environment. 
The vapour control system consists of the flow sensor VAPORIX-Flow and control unit VAPORIX-Control. Optionally, the VAPORIX-Master can be used. It serves as a display for the cashier. A useful addition is VAPORIX-PCM: a module that detects and corrects drift effects of the gas vapour recovery rate.

Officially certified

  • Fulfils all requirements of the 21st BImSchV (German Federal Emissions Protection Ordinance), has ATEX approval for Zone 0 and is certified
  • by TÜV

Stable long term

  • No mechanically moving parts and maintenance-free because self-testing

Versatile utilisation

  • Independent of type of vapour recovery system and retrofittable for all commonly used dispensers

Simple start-up

  • Simple start-up and retrofitting
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