MPakŪ Coalescing Plates

PECOFacet's patented MPak coalescing plates are designed to separate oil and solids from water using the differences in their specific gravities. They have integral molding that ensures the spacing is accurately controlled while at the same time promoting the transfer of solids to the bottom of the installation. The plates can be assembled into packs which are securely held together by molded polypropylene supports with either stainless steel wires or rods.

Standard Design

  • Operating temperature 40°F to 208°F (4°C to 98°C)
  • pH range from 2 to 12
  • Oleophilic material
  • Plate packs are clean in place - no need to remove from unit
  • ¾", ¼" or ½" plate spacing
  • Choice of spacing available using the same plate design
  • Surface area per plate 2 ft³: 186 ft² (0.056 m³: 17.27 m²) is greater than any competitor
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