Bilge Water Separator with Ceramic Membrane

Model CPS 3.2E + EMB for Submarines

The bilge waters generated inside the new generation of ships, ferries, cruise vessels and warships, originated from the maintenance of turbines, engines, etc. Bilge water is extremely difficult to separate using traditional bilge water separators due to the presence of water-oil emulsions.

Anticipating the future, PECOFacet has developed a new Bilge Water Separator with the target of meeting the IMO MEPC.107(49) standard. This resolution requires that bilge water separator equipment separate the bilge water containing surfactant elements (emulsified hydrocarbon water) down to an effluent 15 ppm or less than.

Standard Design

  • CPS 3.2E + EMB is homologated for a flow rate of 0.73 m³/h (3.2 US GPM)
  • Supplied ready to install, coming complete with pumps, valves and control panel
  • No mobile components (with the exception of the pumps and pneumatic valves)
  • Level control is fixed and has no float
  • Maintenance requirements are very low, being restricted to occasional hosing down of the plate packs, and membrane cleaning. Access for hot self-cleaning is extremely simple and easy to use
  • Separated hydrocarbon does normally contain less than 5% of water and this can be burned, if required
  • Oil discharge is facilitated by a pump
  • Electrical power is at 380/440 v, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Equipment does not required chemicals for cleaning
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