Bilge Water Separator with Disposable Membrane

Model CPS 3.2E + EBM 14x1

Through continuous research and development programs plus designs based on easy maintenance and maximum efficiency, PECOFacet has developed the CPS 3.2E + EBM 14x1 Bilge Water Separator. This model combines the PECOFacet Mpak® coalescing plate technology with innovative membranes that accomplish high efficiency removal in chemical and mechanical emulsion breaking. The unit complies IMO MEPC.107(49) regulations.

Standard Design

  • CPS 3.2E + EBM 14x1 is approved for a flow rate of 0.73 m³/h (3.2 US gpm)
  • Supplied ready to install, coming complete with pumps, valves and control panel
  • No mobile components (with the exception of the pumps and pneumatic valves)
  • Level control is fixed and has no float
  • Maintenance requirements are very low, being restricted to occasional hosing down of the plate packs, and membrane cleaning. Access for hot self-cleaning is extremely simple and easy to use
  • Separated hydrocarbon does normally contain less than 5% of water and this can be burned, if required
  • Oil discharge is facilitated by a pump
  • Electrical power is at 380/440 v, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Equipment does not required chemicals for cleaning
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