Water Transfer Unit - Model UTS

PECOFacet Model UTS Transfer Units for Bilge Water and Oils are self-priming, designed to avoid emulsion of bilge hydrocarbons, noiseless, and able to handle small solids.

In a ship with a bilge of 21 gal (80 liters), there is approximately a maximum of 1% of oils (10,000 ppm), that is: 0.2 gal (0.8 liters) of oils. If bilge waters go through the Oil Water Separator, only 1%, 0.2 gal (0.8 liters) of oil will have to be treated by an authorized dealer.

If bilge water does not go through the Oil Water Separator, for previous treatment, the whole21 gal (80 liters) will have to be stored and then treated by an authorized dealer. Therefore, the use of an Oil Water Separator Class I, will provide savings of approximately 99% on the cost of dealing with these oily waters.

Standard Design

  • Universal conic suction connection
  • 49ft (15m) of 1 ½” (38mm)diameter non-collapsible, hydrocarbon proof, suction hose
  • Isolation valves at both suction and discharge
  • Vandal proof cabinet in stainless steel which assures no corrosion
  • Electrical control panel with start/stop LED’s, switches and vacuosta
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