Water Transfer Unit - Model UTR
In most ships, water coming from urinals, W.C., showers and toilets (also known as black and grey water) is discharged directly into the sea. Discharge of this sewage directly into the sea creates a harmful effect on ports and bathing areas.

It is highly necessary for sanitary reasons, ecological reasons, social reasons and landscape reasons to have a good quality of discharged water. To avoid harmful discharges, use the Sewage Water Transfer Units together with a storage tank or a sewage treatment plant.

Standard Design

  • Universal conic suction connection
  • 49ft (15m) of 1 ½” (38mm)diameter non-collapsible, hydrocarbon proof, suction hose
  • Isolation valves at both suction and discharge
  • Vandal proof cabinet in stainless steel which assures no corrosion
  • Electrical control panel with start/stop LED’s, switches and vacuostat
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