Sewage Treatment Plant - Model SMS
Above Ground Easy Transport Unit

PECOFacet's Model SMS sewage treatment plant consists of a single-built prefabricated steel module with the exterior dimensions of a 20' ISO container, inside of which are installed three chambers (aeration, settling and discharge-disinfection). This configuration has been developed to facilitate easy transport and installation at final destination. Every chamber has been provided with all the necessary access and inspection registers. This modular construction allows for increasing of the processing capacity by placing more systems in parallel.

Standard Design

  • Meet the performance requirements of 91/271/CE regulation
  • Effluent can be re-used
  • Sound Level <55 dB(A) at 3m from the parcel limit
  • No sludge generation
  • No odor generation
  • Automatic operation driven by PLC
  • Inside protection: 250 micron epoxy paint
  • Outside protection: 3 layers of 250 micron paint and RAL 6016
  • Aeration system composed by a blower, an air supply pipe, bubble diffusers, a filter and an air relief valve
  • Automatic sludge recirculation system
  • Access and inspection register in every chamber
  • IP-55 electric control panel, including operation synoptic panel
  • Integrated steel leader to top access
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