Sewage Treatment Plant Model STP for Marine Applications
PECOFacet’s Model STP Sewage Treatment Plants for marine applications are designed for the treatment of black waters and grey waters generated on-board ships. This treatment consists of the purification and later disinfection of water in order to achieve a quality effluent meeting IMO requirements. These plants treat sewage by biological means and thus are of the active sludge, prolonged aeration, aerobic type.

Standard Design

  • Meet IMO Resolutions MEPC-2(VI) and MEPC-159(55)
  • Certified by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the CE
  • Sound Level <55 dB(A) at 3m from the parcel limit
  • No sludge generation
  • No odor generation
  • Automatic operation driven by PLC
  • Inside and outside epoxy protective paint
  • Aeration system composed by a blower, an air supply pipe, bubble diffusers, a filter and an air relief valve
  • Automatic sludge recirculation system
  • Access and inspection registers in every chamber
  • IP-55 electric control panel, including operation synoptic panel
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