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Principals & Partners

Electrical & Mechanical
Self Contained Pump,
Remote Dispenser


Automatic Tank Level Gauging,
Alarm System for Oil Separators,
Safety Environmental Controller Network



Measuring Systems


Transport Equipment,
Bottom Loading and
Vapor Recovery Equipment


Dry Break Couplings,
Dry Disconnect Couplings,
Ball Valves and Safety Break Away


Chemical & Industrial Hose,
Aircraft Hose & Nozzle


Hoses for Oil & Gas Terminals


PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel,
No-PVDF Aluminium composite Panel, Polyester Aluminium composite Panel


Self Bunded Tanks,
Diesel Tanks,
Fuel Storage


Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) watertight composite manhole covers,
tank sumps and dispenser sumps


Corrugated Metal Hose,
Stripwound Metal Hose,
Metal Expansion Joints


Flame Arrester, Breather Valve,
Pressure vacuum relief valve,
Emergency pressure relief vent valve


Swivel joints,
loading arms, visi-flos,
iso-rings, breakaway couplings,
kamvalock and autolocks.



LED Light, LED Street Light,
LED Tunnel Light,
LED Flood Light, LED Tube Light
and LED High Bay Light.



Underground Storage Tank Equipment, Dispenser/Pump Equipment, Fill Point Equipment


Hoses and Fittings


LED lighting products,
LED signs,
and LED traffic lights



Power Transmission, Gear Boxes,
Oilfield Pumping Units
and Oilfield Electrical Equipment


Explosion-proof control station,
Explosion-proof junction box,
Explosion-proof terminal box,
Explosion-proof Socket


Electronic Sensors,
Filter Cartridges,
Filter Housings,
Oil Water Separators


Loading Arms,
Automatic loading system,
Twin Seal Guide Way Valve,
Vapor Recovery System



Marine Rubber Fenders


Gas Station Petroleum LED lights,
LED Canopy Lights, LED site Lights,
LED pole lights and Indoor Lights


Flexible Hoses, Fabric Ducting,
Extruded Thermo Plastic Hose,
Composite Hose, Quick Disconnect
Dry Break Couplings, Chimney Liners


Aviation Fueling Hoses,
JacRiser Fueling Hoses,
Aviation Deadman Hoses,
Aviation Sensing Hoses


Floating Roof,
Seal, Drain and
Alumunium Doome of Storage Tank