Auto-Stop Nozzle – Tatsuno

Tatsuno FN-1001-Z series of auto-stop refueling nozzle is suitable for all kinds of vehicles refueled with various gasoline diesel and so on. It can be used for metering and transportation of various industrial gasoline and non-corrosive liquid of low viscosity. The liquid viscosity range is 0.5~6mPa·s.

This series is of high sensitivity high durability safe use and beautiful appearance.

The whole series adopts the “holding” special spring to prevent the barrel spring from falling. Optional “Justop” function is available. This refueling nozzle will only open when there is pressure in the fuel pipeline and automatically close when the pressure disappears; In addition “safety ball” function is also optional that is when being held the refueling nozzle can only be turned on within a certain range of angle and can be automatically turned off when the angle is out of range.

Maximum output: 50L/min or 80L/min