Combo Charging Station | EVC-AC22S/DC60D

Large capacity fast combo charger for public charging station, single AC charging plug + dual DC charging.

ATESS EVC series intelligent AC/DC charging equipment is a device that provides high-efficiency, safe and stable AC/DC power supply for electric vehicles, which has a friendly man-machine interface and integrates corresponding functions of control, billing, communication and security protection. The charging equipment uses OCPP 1.6JSON open protocol for communication with back-office server, thus to realize functions such as reservation and network payment via mobile APP. Diversified communication options, including wired Ethernet, WIFI, 4G, wireless, are provided for customers to conveniently connect the device to a charging network. This product supports CCS/CHAdeMO/Type 2. Each connector works independently. Up to 3 EV could be charged at the same time. All the above features make it most suitable for outdoor charging.